Asbury Park Distilling
Website and Branding

 Asbury Park Distilling garnered buzz among the news outlets pretty quickly but they weren't ready for it. They needed a website up and running as soon as possible and only enough of their branding to get by. My goal was to find them the balance between an affordable way to start in case they wanted to invest in a more custom site later or a grow with what I had built. My solution, Squarespace.

Asbury Park Distilling Website

Why did I choose this platform opposed to WordPress? Because the easy integration of an e-commerce store (for when they sell merchandise), the simplicity of the template to incorporate a MailChimp lead form, and I found a killer Squarespace developer who makes custom attributes and could add a great video to the opening page and interior header. Pair this with an age restriction fan-gate, and the whole site is legit for a distillery.

I categorized this with branding since I headed the intro video production by using my connections to local video producers with drones, and I used my graphic designer buddy Nick Kiefer for the distillery's typography. Nick and I also shot promo photos for the four liquors Asbury Park Distilling had to offer at the time.