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What Is Asbury Underground?

Asbury Underground is a grass roots music and art crawl. Patrick Schiavino found it troubling the big concerts and festivals in Asbury seemed to only benefit the merchants along the boardwalk, while the culture-rich downtown was promised these events would bring business.

Instead of getting mad, Patrick got creative. He decided to help the retailers and galleries by throwing his own underground festival that would be free for all visitors and bring foot-traffic directly into the downtown establishments.

What started as a small one-day crawl with 10 musicians with a couple hundred attendees, has now grown to full weekend festivals with 50+ musicians and thousands of music and art lovers converging to a few short blocks in Downtown Asbury Park.

Patrick Schiavino Asbury Underground

"I have learned in my business life to ‘hire the best’, and I feel very fortunate and happy to have Michael aboard as part of our team, not only for this event, but for all future ‘Asbury Underground’ events moving forward.”

Patrick Schiavino , Owner of Asbury Undergounrd

Where I Came In: Very Targeted Marketing

Ideally, the Twitter log-in information would have been accessible, Facebook would have thousands of fans awaiting the next announcement, and Instagram would have been primed from the year before. Facebook was good with about 1,400 followers, Twitter was dead in the mud so we had to create a new one, and Instragram was non-existent. Two weeks until the event and plenty of work to be done.

I targeted as many people on Facebook as possible who live in Asbury Park or close by and/or who are fans of the musicians performing, then invited them to the Page's event. To have a successful campaign you can’t tell them once and expect them to come. A Facebook event invite ad ran for the entire two weeks, posts were strategically boosted on Facebook, one musician was announced a day on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter was posted to almost every hour between 9am and 7pm during the last week of the event.

This was only for the first event, and as a result we more than doubled attendance.


From 1,400 followers to over 5,000


From non-existent to over 11,000 followers


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The moral of this story: target, target, and target some more. Even with limited time, proper targeting with yield incredible results. Even over the past few years of working with Asbury Underground, I can still run into instances that snag me up. It is imperative to keep organized in order to run a smooth campaign. For instance, a service like Canva will make it easy to remember you need various image sizes throughout your social media campaigns. Note: if you are going to work on something that is repeatable, make a checklist to make the next go-around easier.