Britt Bolton Jewelry
Image Optimization

What happens when you have an awesome product, but Google doesn't seem to pick up on your new images? Even more, what happens when you used to be a model, and you can't seem to knock your old photos out and show your new ones? You contact me, that's what! Britt Bolton Jewelry made moves and looks great because of it.

Britt Bolton Jewelry

Britt Bolton Jewelry

Above is a screen shot of the image results Google delivered for the term “britt bolton jewelry”. This is what I would deliver to Britt Bolton every month. She would send me images she wanted to show up when people typed in her name or her brand’s name and I would get to work syndicating these images across the internet so they would be what appeared in image results.

Why does this matter? If you are a model, actress, designer, or whatever, you are going to want your latest and greatest projects you are most proud of to appear first. Britt used to be a model but her jewelry venture took off and her focus was to associate her name with her brand more than with her past.

Britt Bolton’s Image Optimization

Take notice of the photo of Lady Gaga in the middle wearing blue sunglasses and again on the top line (five spots from the left). Images of celebrities wearing Britt’s design are crucial to her brand’s reputation.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more than just ranking in the top results on the home page. It is a form of brand building and reputation management. A task like Britt’s is very niche and is fairly time consuming but well worth it for her website to be able to produce the image results she wanted to appear.