Cowerks Local SEO Workshop

Cowerks is a co-working office space in Asbury Park, NJ. You can use this space as your temporary (or not-so-temporary) office for your freelance or small business, gather your team or hold a meeting in the conference room, open the floor for events like art shows, and transform the modular desk space into a classroom. I decided to use this for the latter.

The owners of Cowerks, Bret Morgan and Danny Croak, host several classes with topics such as how to manage your businesses taxes, setting up trademarks and copyrights, setting up Facebook ads, setting up email campaigns, and designing mobile apps. This truly is a center that breeds entrepreneurs and many small businesses take advantage of the resources offered. With a hot topic like search engine optimization (SEO), Cowerks could fill the room, sell out tickets, and offer crucial information to people who really need it. However, SEO can’t be taught in an hour, nor can it be taught in two hours. All of the fundamentals of SEO simply could not be taught in one class, and Cowerks does not want to offer its loyal followers less than the best.

Cowerks specialized in single topic meetings up until Bret, Danny, and myself brainstormed on a wild idea for a local search engine optimization class for small businesses. I explained there are too many assets for just the basics of SEO, so I broke them down into building a foundation, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. Cowerks would now stretch its limits from one-off presentations and jump to a four-part series spanning the course of a month. This may seem like all is well since we have the venue, a market, and a teacher, but it is much easier to convince people to spend $30 on a one-off course than it is to spend three-figures and make a one-month commitment.

How To Promote a Commitment

As small business owners, Bret, Danny, and myself understand time and money are the two most important assets to those growing a business. We needed to exclaim the value and minimize the thought of a daunting commitment. The value was easy as consulting for SEO runs at least $100 an hour and the course was about eight hours in total plus one-on-one consulting. At only a little above $100, the value was there. As for the commitment, our ads and event descriptions made it simple: one day a week for a month won’t kill you. Yes, you will be tired after work, but this class will motivate you to take your business further and you will have actionable items to keep you interested each week. Since summer was over and colder weather was approaching, some students saw this as an opportunity to set up a goal for the winter.

With proper promotion and eager small business owners, every ticket for the class was sold. This class had mass appeal as a doctor, business coach, ecommerce site owner, hairstylist, and more took up the opportunity to learn valuable business growth skills. Cowerks has since scheduled more classes for me to teach and more Local SEO Workshops for the future.