Iacono Iron Website Copy

Copywriting is an art, and it is just as hard to create a two sentence excerpt perfectly capturing a company as it is to paint a blank canvas. This may be why a marketing agency hired me to write the content for a project they had in the works. Iacono Iron may seem like a standard industrial company but their rich history and beautiful projects deserve equally impressive digital showcases and descriptions to match. Please peruse their site to see my work in the wild: http://iaconoiron.com/

After speaking with Guy Iacono, owner of Iacono Iron, I was able to understand the balance of passion, history, creativity, and detail he wanted to portray. For an agency to give a freelancer direct access to their client’s CEO means there is an incredible amount of trust. I know I may seem casual but I will bring the right amount of professionalism to the job when representing you.

This case study represents the trust you should have in a specialist. Whether you are hiring for your own project or a client’s, you will get the best results with someone you know is going to treat the task with respect.