Scrub Cleaning
Search Engine Optimization

Scrub! Residential Cleaning in Philadelphia contacted me about search engine optimization services, but they were a little wary at first, so we agreed to a three-month contract. Their web developer was a dream to work with as he listened to every edit I needed on the site and attacked each action item as quickly as possible. Within three months, Scrub! was showing up on page one for every keyword (but one) we were monitoring. In three months, Scrub! had changed forever and has grown to the point where they couldn’t even afford to keep me on since they needed to invest their money in more staff and new cars for the staff to get to jobs. Quick growth, wouldn’t we all love that?

Scrub! Search Engine Optimization

Notice in the image how the word “National.” This means if you search those terms anywhere in the United States, Scrub will show up. The little map indicates the map listing that show up in search results. Overall, Scrub dominates!

Moral of the story: work with me rather than question every little thing. Micro-management is the death of hiring a specialist. Scrub did it right, and they reap the benefits of wildly successful results.

“At this point, W****** is not able to keep up with the leads that have come in through the website. He now has to hire more staff and get more cars to be able to handle all of the new customers. This will take a little while. I will certainly contact you when we need your services again!”
— Jim, Scrub!'s Web Developer