Mike Forgie

Niche Marketing Strategist, Surfer,
Photographer, Dog Dad

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I am a marketing strategist; a gun for hire in the digital world. Being human, I am much more than that. My frequencies include surfing, traveling, photography, and dropping movie quotes. I border conventional terms and search for idealism, which I believe makes me a better choice to help with your marketing needs.

If your agency needs someone to perform search engine optimization tasks, I already have the software, tried and true strategies, and can do all the work myself. You can even boast you have your own SEO Specialist! Click the button below for a deck on how I can be an asset to your agency.

Do you need a social media strategy? Do the algorithm updates annoy you? I analyze your current outlets and help you reach your target market via ads and organic reach.

If you are having a hard time coming up with what to post on your blog or social media, I can create content for both. My blog posts are long-form, search engine optimized, and translate to social media posts. This is a content flywheel, so you never run out of posts.

Email marketing? I can help you create a beautiful message and subject lines that will boost click-through-rates.

What else do you need? Contact me via email mike@mikeforgie.com or call/text (732) 784-8847. I am always up for a challenge.